Education Development

We work with government and partner organisations to tackle critical problems in education. Over the last thirty years, we have developed proven models in education that have delivered long-lasting results for our learners. We invest heavily in basic and high school education programmes.

  • Interventions in life capabilities earlier in life have the greatest opportunity to impact on poverty alleviation and future prospects
  • Structured education programmes have the highest impact and greatest sustainability on eradicating poverty
  • Learner assistance needs to include a broader understanding of exit opportunities beyond university opportunities to include technical training and entrepreneurship

Capacity Building

Our capacity building programmes unlock the potential of communities, government and non-governmental organisations through skills development, financial support and the implementation of sustainable models. To achieve this, we have set up the Kagiso Trust Consultancy and the NGO Leveraging Fund.

  • Society: The wider society within which individuals and organisations function
  • Organisations: The internal policies, systems and strategies that enable an organisation to operate and to achieve its goals
  • Individuals: The skills and knowledge vested in individuals, communities and groups

Socio-economic Development

We believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create positive change and help develop financially sustainable SMMEs by working with black led businesses. To date we have created 3,100 jobs, funded 11 different companies and invested over R50 million in businesses since 2002.

Through a new enterprise and supplier programme we will provide enterprise development support to SMEs needing business management, funding and market access. We will also put our weight behind initiatives that support entrepreneurs and become an active advocate for socio-economic transformation.

  • Enterprise development is the catalyst to broad socio-economic transformation and leads to the development of commercially sustainable SMEs
  • Enterprise development allows to focus on selected sectors and develop new supply chain or improve integration of existing ones
  • Supplier development, on the other hand, is anchored around obtaining commercial opportunities for small business from a particular company and address the biggest challenge that SMEs and traditional ED programmes face
  • Moreover, supplier development can create impact in the short term and is also likely to attract more partners and funding for the programme
  • Agri Fund
  • Enterprise Development and Incubation
  • Informal / Alternative Markets
  • Agriculture Academy

Financial Sustainability

We know that financial sustainability is fundamental for delivery of our programmes and have embarked on several investment and fundraising campaigns.

  • Self-funding entity: Grown own assets exponentially which allows us the independence to scope and deliver a variety of impactful programmes
  • Partnership and co-funding: Funding and implementation partnerships are expected to help expand KT’s reach in delivery of our programmes
  • Prudent financial management:

– Effective financial management in how the organisation is structured   and programmes are delivered

– Careful management of our own, and partners’ money spent


Special Projects

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