Safety of our employees is top-of-mind at R&D Contracting. When undertaking a contract, we install safety gear suited to the job that needs to be done. Safety lines and walkways is safety equipment needed when staff, contractors and other service providers need to access elevated areas. Our experienced R&D contractors provide and install this quality safety equipment before undertaking any tasks that involve heights. This equipment includes:

  • Roof safety lines and fall arrest anchors which are mounted to posts and, should a fall occur, are designed to limit the loads transferred to the roof. The posts can either be clamped to standing seam roofs, fixed to trapezoidal metal roofs or fixed through membrane roofs to the concrete below.
  • A Vertical lifeline is used when workers are using a ladder to gain height, especially when transporting equipment.
  • A Horizontal roof safety line allows workers to move efficiently on a roof or other high surfaces while having the necessary fall protection in place.

All safety equipment provided are corrosion resistant and can be fixed on various structures to provide safe anchorage.


We make it our business to ensure that safety is at the core of our service delivery.

Our staff receive continuous training in health and safety.